Acquest develops and sources high quality manufactured goods in China, with a particular emphasis on textiles, mechanical parts, and electrical products. More than just an outsourcing “middle man,” our expertise and experience are available to you at every step of the process, from design review to testing to source selection to shipping.

Search engines and email have made it deceptively easy to make the initial contact to a source in China. Ask Google and you will probably find a dozen eager suppliers. But are they qualified? Will they help you meet your needs? Are they even legitimate companies? It’s hard to say from the other side of the world…

The industrial landscape in China is changing so rapidly that security is hard to come by. The only reliable strategy is one that anticipates rapid change and incorporates multiple layers of contingency. To do so requires unfiltered access to local information, available only in China. In short, to source in China you need faithful allies who communicate consistently.

Meet the President

Dr. John Busch’s obsession with taking things apart (and, much later, putting them back together again) makes him a natural engineer. He followed this curiosity all the way to MIT, where he earned a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering with a minor in Management of Information Systems. After a few years spent contributing to the design of NASA space suits, he started his first company, and has been flexing his entrepreneurial muscles ever since. He travels frequently to China for business and occasionally for pleasure; in early 2012, he spent 10 days biking in the rural Guangxi Province. Click here for pictures!