In 2011, a small company approached Acquest with a great idea. fBIKE wanted to build and sell folding bicycles, and, in order to enter the market at an affordable price point, they sought to manufacture their product in China. The process is slightly different for each product, but we will use fBIKE’s story to illustrate how Acquest works with its customers to create high quality, competitively priced goods.

Step One | Acquest’s project managers based in Shenzhen visited multiple bicycle factories to locate the perfect supplier for fBIKE’s needs. Once the best factory was located, our Chinese employees worked hard to create a strong working relationship with the factory’s designers and engineers.



Step Two | Acquest worked closely with fBIKE’s designer and engineer to create drawings and documents that included all of the necessary specifications for manufacturing a sample bike.



Step Three | Our office in the US communicated the specifications to our office in China. The project managers in China effectively translated and communicated these specs to the chosen supplier.



Step Four | Acquest identified the necessary ASTM tests for bicycles imported to the United States. The sample fBIKE bicycle was sent to an internationally recognized testing facility for proper tests.



Step Five | Once the bike passed all of the tests, an order was placed with the factory. Acquest sent both a project manager from the US office and the China office to visit the factory prior to production to ensure quality control. Production began shortly after this visit.



Step Six | While production was going on in China, Acquest worked with fBIKE on packaging design and shipping logistics to guarantee a seamless delivery of goods.




Step Seven | Approximately 30 days after the start to production, the shipment of bikes was on the water traveling from China to Massachusetts.



Step Eight | At the port, the shipment of fBIKE’s was chosen for random inspection by Custom’s and Border Protection. Acquest’s experience with CBP was vital to moving the shipment quickly and efficiently through inspection and on to our customer’s warehouse.


Step Nine | The shipment of bicycles arrived at fBIKE’s warehouse, ready to be sold to customers through out the US.