In addition to serving the needs of our loyal client base, Acquest is also committed to providing start-up companies with sourcing services and guidance.

Sourcing a product overseas requires knowledge in several areas, ranging from product design and engineering to effective communication and translation to understanding shipping logistics and customs regulation. Acquest lends its experience and guidance in these fields to companies and clients in the beginning stages of sourcing.

We are currently developing a workshop-style program, Sourcing 101, that will provide content-driven instruction on how to effectively source and import product from China. This workshop is directed primarily at start-up companies in the initial stages of product development. The program will include instruction on the following topics:

  • Introduction to Sourcing in China: Understanding the industry
  • Smart Sourcing: Is my product suitable for outsourcing?
  • Product Design and Specifications: Determining the proper information needed for manufacturing
  • From Start-to-Finish: The process of production and manufacturing
  • Preparing to Import: Identifying the proper ASTM tests, HTS codes, and duty rate
  • The Final Steps: Shipping logistics, warehousing, and understanding Customs and Border Protection

This workshop is aimed at working with start-up incubators and accelerators. If you are interested in hosting the Sourcing 101 Program, please contact Jay Hallstein,